The Samadhi or the site of enlightenment is also known as Virdhavan is where Guru Roopi Hanuman Parthistha or homage is performed. The Virdhavan of His Holiness Sureendra Theertha the 12 Pontiff or Seer of Kashi Mutt is in the South-East outer quadrangle opening towards the north.The Samadhi day is according to legend is in the year Saka Varsha 1753, i.e. A.D.1831. Thrikala Pooja is performed in both the Virdhavans. A hallmark of this place is the Pavamana Abhishekam which is one of the important Vazhipadus or offerings to the Deity here Vrindhavan: H.H. Sureendra Threetha, The 12th Seer of Kashi Matt
Vrindhavan: H.H. Sumadeendra Threetha, The 15th Seer of Kashi Matt The Virdhavan of His Holiness Sumadeedhra Theertha the 15 th Pontiff of Kashi Mutt is in the south west of the outer quadrangle and opens towards the North. Samadhi day is reported to be in Saka 1773 or A.D.1852.